Video: I want to be Jim Glickenhaus when I grow up!

James Glickenhaus is the kind of car collector I would be if someone dropped a huge pallet of freshly printed hundred dollar bills in my backyard.  With the fortune he’s amassed, Glickenhaus has acquired a stunning collection of machinery, much of it extremely rare, and in several cases, one of a kind.  This includes his 1967 Ferrari Dino 206 Competizione by Pininfarina that won best in class at the 2009 Meadowbrook Concours.

Glickenhaus’ most famous car is the luscious Ferrari P4/5 that he commissioned from Pininfarina.  Not content to be one of 400, Glickenhaus sent his Enzo for a custom body inspired by the 330 P4 racer and other 1960s Ferraris. When it hit the grass at the 2006 Pebble Beach Concours, it caused a a sensation.

Our biggest respect for Mr. Glickenhaus comes from the fact that his cars aren’t just museum pieces rotting in a warehouse like another famed collector. Glickenhaus drives the P4/5 and the 206 Competizione on a regular basis on public roads.

Using the one-off $4 million P4/5 as a daily driver wasn’t enough for Glickenhaus.  He wanted to go racing with something that looked much like it. Thus was born the P4/5 Competizione.  Unlike the V12 powered road car, Glickenhaus and his partners at LM Gianetti, N Technology and Pro.To. in Torino decided to build the race car on the platform of the V8 powered F430.

A road going F430 Scuderia provided the chassis while the running gear, including the 450 hp V8 and six-speed sequential Hewland gearbox, came from the multiple race winning F430 GT2. Construction of the car was completed earlier this year and it has since undergone testing at several tracks including Vallelunga in Italy.

The plan is to have the P4/5 Competizione run in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring this June in the hands of ex-F1 drivers Mika Salo and Nicola Larini, test driver Fabrizio Giovanardi and another veteran racer Luca Capellari.  The Nurburgring enduro is an amazing race with a wide variety of GT and Touring Car competitors as well as an experimental class that has seen the likes of the Porsche 911 GT3R Hybrid and Lexus LFA prototypes in recent years. Check out the video to hear Glickenhaus talk about his latest project.  Hopefully other collectors will take inspiration from Jim and let some of their special machines run free as they were meant to.


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