World’s Only Turbine Powered Batmobile Hits eBay

What do you do when a V8 powered Batmobile replica isn’t enough? Why put a helicopter turbine motor in it, of course. Aside from being mind-boggling, it might actually be one of the only movie replica cars that actually is true to the idea of the movie – as you can bet when they may the Michael Keaton movies – the screen cars weren’t turbine powered.

After spending quite some time building and engineering the only turbine powered Batmobile in existence, owner Casey Putsch has put the car up for auction. Which means some lucky person will be able to play Batman for $620K. If that sounds too rich for your blood, you could consider that between a Bugatti Veyron and this, the Batmobile will draw the crowd – and if that’s not enough, there still is only one of these. Plus, it’s a 2-fer, it’s sorta like buying a helicopter, right? How many excuses can you come up with to make this seem like a rational purchase to your friends or significant other?

Batmobile Specs:

  • Fully independent, cockpit adjustable suspension with disc brakes
  • Steel tubular space/monocoque chassis
  • 4 forward speed semi-automatic, sequentially shifted transmission with reverse
  • 365 horsepower Boeing turboshaft engine
  • Fiberglass and aluminum coachwork
  • Digital avionics and centrally mounted touch-screen iPad with 3G
  • Fuel cell and racing approved on-board halon fire extinguishing system
  • Approx. 2800 lbs.
  • DOT approved turn-signals, tail, and headlights
  • On-board air-compressor
  • Stereo
  • Air horn
  • Runs on Jet A, Kerosene, or Diesel fuel

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Source: eBay

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