Ford F-150 EcoBoost Torture Test

What happens when you take the new EcoBoost engine found in the 2011 Ford F-150 and:

  • Run it on a dyno for 300+ Hours, including more than an hour of WOT?
  • Install it in a truck, and tow timber?
  • Throw it around a NASCAR track, towing two stock cars at 80+ mph for 24 hours?
  • Put it up against the Ram and Silverado in a trailer drag race?
  • Throw the engine in a Baja truck and run it over the desert for over 1,000 miles?

The answer? It eats it up an asks for seconds. We’re still awaiting the conclusion video, “Teardown,” but the rest of the stuff is pretty impressive. Is it an excellent bit of marketing, full of comparisons slightly edged towards Ford’s favor? Probably. Considering that you’re taking a V6 and throwing an extra point-of-failure (the turbos), putting it up against the competition’s V8s, and doing things that the average customer would never do, the fact that the engine stays running is what I’d call a clean bill of health.

You can watch Ford put the EcoBoost engine through its torture tests here.